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Simple Tips for Helping Slower or Below Level Readers

Whats the trick to helping my lower or below level readers succeed? The trick is… there is no trick. Reading comes from phonemic awareness and the fluency that comes with having the right “tools” as well as plenty of fun practice. I am a stay-at-home (homeschool mom) who runs her own small business. As well…

Want Your Kids to LOVE Reading? Do These 2 Things:

One of the main questions I receive about my children is this- How do I get them to enjoy reading so much? People tell me that getting their children to read is difficult and frustrating. Here’s what I have discovered: My oldest has two FULL bookcases in his room. His ultimate pastime is spent with…

The Short List of Scriptures Every Kid Should Know

Learning scriptures can be a daunting task. When it comes to teaching our children God’s word, I believe it’s important to memorize a few. Here is the long and short list of scriptures every kid should know: Let’s face it… The Bible is extensive. Before I give you the “short list”, I feel that it’s…

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