I’m a dreamer, not a lover of hard work…oops!

If you’ve been running your own business for any length of time, you’ve realized that being a Mom Entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work! Success doesn’t happen to the ones waiting on the side lines, it is forced into action by the ones willing get get the hard work done.

If you’re like me, creative thinking and wanting to grab everything around you a run comes easily. I am the first to say that I do not know my limits! This has on more than one occasion, gotten me backed into a corner.

I attribute this character trait largely to my parents who both have unique ways of looking at their life and work situations. I feel as though they may have installed some of my “big dreaming” attributes into me as a child.

Neither of my parents graduated High School or had any similance of a career until much later in life. Irregardless, they made it very clear to me that I WOULD go to college… I had no other option.

My mom started working for her GED while I was in Middle School and Graduated with a BA in Library Science by the time I was done with College. My dad worked at everything from a botanist, a contractor, a newspaper delivery man, craftsman, and more. This sporadic work ethic coupled with determination and hardworking shaped me into a dreamer…big time!

It takes a dream….

Without a dream, nothing would happen. Seeing an opportunity and wanting to pursue is a very important part of success. When I have a dream about something, it lights a fire in me and causes me to take action.

I’m not afraid to say that sometimes, I take action and as soon as the dream got old, I loose all motivation to work hard. Has this ever happened to you?

You’re not alone!

Right now, our world is constantly being bombarded with opportunity after opportunity. I bet, everyday, you’re presented with another chance to sell a product, make some cash, join a team, and influence the world.

What an amazing time we live in… where mom’s everywhere can work from home and become businesswomen. Women who help others with clothing, nails, health, weightless, cleaning supplies, diet, make-up, and so much more.

I am standing in my shop realizing that I'm a dreamer and not a lover of hard work. And yet, I am working hard!

The trouble happens when the dream gets old and hard work sets in…

A dream alone will get you nowhere! Unfortunately, I’ve had to learn this the hard way. I have taken leaps of faith because of a “big dream” and ended up unsatisfied and stressed out.

Even when a dream becomes successful and you’re arriving at your goals, coming up dry every day with an unsatisfactory feeling of stress and inadequacy is a threat!

Burn-out is a real threat to any mom that is working from home. Pay attention to these warning signs:

  • You’re consumed first thing in the morning
  • You don’t have a healthy eating routine
  • Somehow, you’ve lost track of your to-do list
  • It’s become impossible to put your work down at bedtime
  • You have forgotten how to enjoy your day

Also, read How to Avoid Burn-Out (5 Tips for Working Moms) for a more in depth explanation of how to avoid toxic burn-out.

I’ve learned how to push past just being a dreamer…

Let’s be honest for a minute, nobody is really a lover of hard work. We may look around and see people that seem that way, but that not it. Ready for their secret?

Wait for it… there is only ONE thing you can do to push bas being just a dreamer. This one thing is quite literally the ticket to success in any venture that you may undertake.

You must have a clear and appropriate “WHY!” Having a “WHY” means you have a reason every day, to get up, do your best, and do what it takes. Without your WHY, your motivation or lack of consistency will cause you to fail.

Yes, It’s as simple as that. Nothing on planet earth can stop a mommy who has the “WHY” in place to succeed. She will do what it takes, avoid burn-out, and rise to any occasion. If you haven’t written out your clear and appropriate why, DO IT NOW!

Tips for writing a clear and APPROPRIATE why

  • Actually Write your “WHY” Down – Your “WHY” should not be a fickle of a thought that comes and goes. Write it in permanent marker on the front of your notebooks. Make it first and foremost in your mind.
  • Make Sure it will Stand the Test of Time– If you’re undertaking a new business adventure, but only care to think about the immediate future, your why is not ready to stand the test of time.
  • Write your WHY about Something that Deeply Matters to You – It is after all, the tool you’re going to use to motivate you past future slumps in your business.
  • Include your Family/Spouse in Creating your “WHY” – One of the most un-motivating factors in any business, is lack of familial support. Make sure they are on board with you!
  • Maintain your “WHY”- This step doesn’t happen right away, but as time progresses and years pass, you’ll find the need to adjust or check-up on your “WHY”.

Yes, It’s possible to be a dreamer (NOT a lover of hard work) and survive as an entrepreneur…

First, I had to take a step back and understand who I truly was. Then, I had to put my finger on what the warning signs of burn-out look like and avoid them!

Lastly, I had to come to the realization that hard work is essential and rely on my “WHY” to pull me through.

No matter what dream you’re perusing, I believe you have what it takes!

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